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Usually guided by a university student to help them make ends meet during study and practice their spoken English.

 Cost JD 20 per group up to 4 persons
 Duration 3-4 hours.
A tour of downtown on foot shows how local live. Visit the authentic popular local food eateries, bakeries, and do shopping
if you have plenty of time You can go again and explore further these special places of interest at your own pace if you wish.

Roman theater,Nymphium,Alhysseini  Mosque,,Arabian Bazzar,
Souq Al Hamedieh,fruit and vegetables,Sugar,Spices and Herbs,Birds edible ones .Craving pregnant  women market .
Bakery fresh bread and cakes
Market,Gold  souq,Hashem for  Falafel
Habibah Kunafeh sweets,Mardini for Tamarind,and Lemonade drinks,sahlab  and more.
Souvenirs stores hundreds of them,Antique and brica-brac.

if you have more time we can take you to visit  JORDAN MUSEUM  at Ras Elain it is 20 minutes walk from downtown souq.You can spend one -two hours it is great site to visit The museum is closed Friday and Tue.Opens 10-2.other days of the week

Another site in Amman to visit is citadel Mountain it needs a taxi to get to as the road to is steep and takes half hour walk. Each way (.I pay for taxi)

If you want to visit it can drop you off for one hour visit and will collect you later or walk down hill to downtown. You can decide on the day.

RAINBOW Street it is dead lifeless during the day and comes alive at night, we show you how to get to it during the tour. It starts from downtown near the big mosque Alhusseini .