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Welcome to Pizza Roma Cafe,it is like a melting pot where tourists
meet locals immerse themselves  in the Middle Eastern culture
My self Raymond,the owner
I live at my Hotel and eat at my restaurant
I  made sure I get variety of dishes,quality of food  at reasonable
price , high standard of hygiene.and helpful attentive  friendly staff.

is written in  English with some details.We offer mainly a wide range
of Arabic dishes a couple of international ,pasta and pizza.
 the staff member  is happy to explain any dishes and try to ensure
that you understand what you are about to order
The decor is simple , authentic Jordanian with a flavor of postcards
banknotes,and beer cans donated by our customers from all over the world.


the books in the library kindly donated by our good guests for
you to enjoy.We also LOAN Travel Guide Books for security of jod 20


we offer cooking class please ask head waiter.


The nightly entertainment  is original by local  young university
students  developing artists singers , Aud,guitar,drummer and of
course the Dabke group dance  performed by the staff.

Raymond background
Semi retired business man immigrated to Australia after 67 WAR from
Palestine the Biblical land of milk and honey to the land of milk and
money. Most beautiful country in the world.
 I took a side trip from Amman to Damascus/Syria in 06 .I loved that
city I bought a small hotel and made it my home.I. turned it to a
hostel where the average visitor can afford as I love meeting people
from all became an Icon for tourists visiting Syria .The
hostel was built over the Old City Wall some ten meters high.I dropped
a rope ladder climb up and slide down the wall on a firemen pole.It
became a big tourists attraction a must stop and take photos as guests
want to climb the robe ladder to Check In the

Good times went on for 4 years Sadly that has come to an end with the
start of the revolution in 2011 I shut shop and returned to Amman.I
loved downtown and bought a small hotel I called.It Amman Pasha .I
live at hotel with my animal pets on roof patio this reminds me of
back home,Australia where I lived for over forty years.
 I enjoy  meeting travelers and working long hours in my retirement.
I hope you enjoy your visit.Don’t miss the great views from roof terrace.